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How Does Online Egress Training Work?
Learn about egress training

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Pilot Egress Courses

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The Pilot Egress training provides a greater understanding of survival after ditching and keeping passengers safe.

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Passenger Egress Courses

The Passenger Egress training courses have been created to provide a greater understanding of how to survive a ditching.

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Meet "Bry the Dunker Guy" CEO and founder of Aviation Egress Systems plus his team of instructors.

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Online Egress Training Top Courses

  • Survival +

    What you carry aboard the aircraft to help you survive while waiting for help to arrive can make the difference between life and death. In this segment you will learn what to carry onboard in summer or winter.Watch Preview
  • Ski Planes +

    What to consider before landing or taking off on any ice surface, and what to do should the aircraft fall through the ice.Watch Preview
  • Lifejackets +

    Every float plane or wheel aircraft that travels beyond gliding distance of land if required to carry one lifejacket for each person on board. In this segment Bryan provides some tips on carriage, use and wearing of this legally required piece of safety equipment.Watch Preview
  • Heading For Shore +

    Some aircraft carry life Rafts but simply carrying it is not enough. In this segment Bryan reviews some of the tips about life raft safety and operation.Watch Preview
  • Whistles, Lights, Stay Warm +

    Once you are out of the plane and floating with your lifejacket on, you will need to deal with the environment. This segment provides some basic information about how to deal with the environment you are in and alerting others that you need help.Watch Preview
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