Yes very. After completing the online Dry Egress Training program why not enrol in an actual Wet Egress pool experience. You will spend 3 hours in our actual Egress Training simulators receiving hands on training completing your understanding of what to do should you ever be involved in an aircraft upset. Call Bry the Dunker Guy for a list of dates and locations and pricing.
Both. We can tailor our course to the participants’ needs.
At our Victoria aquatic facility and all across Canada as they are totally portable.
For realism we suggest wearing what ever you might normally wear when flying in aircraft including pool friendly footwear.
A one hour meet and greet with further instructions and what to expect, 3 hours in the pool area then another 30 minute debrief.
Your ability and comfort level in water are dealt with in an individual manor. We are able to humble the boldest students and build confidence over time with people who are very uncomfortable in water.
Our one day Egress Training is based on student enrolment all over Canada plus at Victoria BC our home base to a maximum of 12.