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This Course is a 14 Day Subscription

Passenger Egress Training Courses are provided for online as part of the online egress training program. Each learning module includes a video portion and an assesment component. After completion of all 9 modules a certificate of completion will be emailed to the registrant’s email address.

Passenger Egress Modules

In this segment, you will meet Bryan as he gives you a bit of his background and an overview of what will be learned in this course.
There is specific safety information you need to know about the aircraft that you are flying in. In this video segment, Bryan describes what information that you should expect to receive from the pilot.
Seat Belts are a key to your survival in the event of crash. But some models of seat belts or improper fastening can create problems that will make egress more difficult.
Doors, windows and hatches are the gateway to safety, but during an emergency egress, simple tasks like opening the door can become confusing. This segment provides some basic tips to help you get out.
There are four simple, but critical steps that should be followed to successfully egress from a submerged aircraft. Bryan reviews each in this video segment.
Every float plane or wheeled aircraft that travels beyond gliding distance of land is required to carry one lifejacket for each person on board. In this segment Bryan provides some tips on the use and wearing of this important piece of safety equipment.
Once you are out of the plane and floating with your lifejacket on, you will need to deal with the environment. This segment provides some basic information about how to deal with the environment you are in and alerting others that you need help.
You are not necessarily ‘out of the woods’ once you have successfully egressed the aircraft. In many cases you will still need to get to shore. In this video segment Bryan reviews some of the things you must consider to make that final trip to safety.
As a passenger you should be familiar with a number of things related to the aircraft and the flight. In this video segment, Bryan reviews your responsibilities including responding to the pilot’s directions and how to act in case of an emergency.
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This Course is a 14 Day Subscription

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